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This Belo Horizonte Brazil guide is a great resource for anyone who is considering traveling to the area.  Belo Horizonte, meaning beautiful horizon, is a hustling, bustling metropolitan city with over 2.4 million citizens.  The main city can best be thought of as a tropical version of New York City boasting a copious amount of nightlife, day attractions and hidden restaurant and entertainment gems all waiting for your discovery!  Before you dive right in and start strolling the exciting city streets of Belo Horizonte, it is recommended that you learn a bit about the area so that you have a good idea of what to expect once you arrive.

To begin our Belo Horizonte Brazil guide, we must learn about the climate one can expect to experience.  Spring in Belo Horizonte starts in early September, its summer in December, its autumn in March, and its winter in June. Although you may notice some temperature differences with the coming of each new season, most people feel that there are but two seasons: a hot and humid one that occurs from October to March, and a colder, drier one from April to September.  The average temperature ranges from eighteen to twenty-three degrees (Celsius).

One of the nicest things about traveling to Belo Horizonte is that, unlike the majority of popular Brazilian cities, its economy is not based primarily on tourism.  The city does enough commerce and manufacturing to sustain itself as a stable, independent metropolis.  What this means to you is that you wont have to worry about shady people and businesses trying to sell you souvenirs and vacation packages around every turn.  You will be free to move around about the city at your own pace, exploring the areas that interest you without constantly seeing tour busses and tourist groups passing you and annoying you as you stroll around.

What started as a small town founded for it’s rich soil and beautiful climate has steadily grown into a prime city complete with massive skyscrapers, artistic culture and a rural, mountainous outlying territory.  Any Belo Horizonte Brazil guide would be amis without mentioning that the city is home to amazing music and dance performances of all genres that take place almost every night at local bars, clubs and theaters.  Any fan of the arts will never run out of shows to see in Belo Horizonte.

In conclusion, there is much to see and do in this one of a kind Brazil city.  It may not  be the most common vacation destination in Brazil, but if you’re the kind of person who loves the city and enjoys constant entertainment and an endless supply of new things to see, Belo Horizonte is the place for you.

Belo Horizonte Hotels
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Max Savassi
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Mercure Apt Vila Da Serra 3
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Mercure Apt Casablanca 3
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Ibis Betim Contagem
Come party down at the Ibis Betim Contagem!  The Ibis Betim Contagem has a history of fun and games!

Belo Horizonte Cachaca
Belo horizonte Cachaca is growing in popularity!  Be the first in your area to try authentic Belo horizonte Cachaca!

Belo Horizonte Cavern Safarii
Explore the world of the Belo Horizonte Cavern safari.  The Belo Horizonte Cavern safari will make the entire vacation!

Water world Belo Horizonte
Come and Witness The Ecological Beauty of Water World Belo Horizonte! Water World Belo Horizonte is an Environmental Shrine You Don't Want to Miss!

Belo Horizonte Football Match
Big Mineiro Stadium is the Perfect Place to Enjoy a Belo Horizonte Football Match! A High-Spirited Belo Horizonte Football Match is a Terrific Pass time!

Belo Horizonte Zoo
Witness The Animals and Natural Habitats on Display at the Belo Horizonte Zoo! The Belo Horizonte Zoo is Home to Natural Wonders Galore!

Parque das Mangabeiras Belo Horizonte
Come Spend a Day in Beautiful Parque das Mangabeiras Belo Horizonte! The Atmosphere at Parque das Mangabeiras Belo Horizonte is Fun and Relaxed!

Flowers Belo Horizonte
Come and See The Beautiful Flowers Belo Horizonte! No Sight-Seeing Excursion Would be Complete Without Some Flowers Belo Horizonte!

Rental Belo Horizonte
Don’t Settle For High-Priced Hotels; Check Out Rental Belo Horizonte Instead. A Reasonably Priced Rental Belo Horizonte is a Terrific Alternative!

Belo Horizonte Carnival 
 Experience The One of a Kind Thrill of Belo Horizonte Carnival! The Fun And Games at Belo Horizonte Carnival Are Not to be Missed!

Flights to Belo Horizonte
Learn How Flights to Belo Horizonte Work and Where They Depart From. This Crucial Information on Belo Horizonte Flights Will Take Away Your Worries!

Belo Horizonte Shopping
Learn Where To Do The Best Belo Horizonte Shopping! Fine Jewelry, Wooden Handwork, and More Are Possible With Belo Horizonte Shopping

Belo Horizonte Pictures
Come and See What The Brochures Won’t Show: Authentic Belo Horizonte Pictures! Our Belo Horizonte Pictures Give you a True Glimpse

Tourist Information Belo Horizonte Brazil
Don’t Leave Without Tourist Information Belo Horizonte Brazil! Phone Code, Currency, and other Tourist Information Belo Horizonte Brazil.

Belo Horizonte Food and Drink
Learn Where To Find the best Belo Horizonte Food and Drink! Best Restaurants, Vegetarian Eating, and more in our List of Belo Horizonte food and Drink!

Belo Horizonte Facts
Learn Some Fun Facts about Belo Horizonte Before Your Trip! Population Figures, Climate, Economics, and More are covered in this Belo Horizonte Facts Guide.

Belo Horizonte Llinks
Supplement Your Vacation Research With these Valuable Belo Horizonte Links! These Belo Horizonte Links Contain Useful and Interesting Facts

Map of Belo Horizonte Brazil
A Map of Belo Horizonte Brazil Will Cut Down On Confusion and Travel-Related Headaches Significantly. Print Our Maps of Belo Horizonte Brazil.

Belo Horizonte Sightseeing
Belo Horizonte Sightseeing is One of the Top Attractions There is! Read Further and Learn About the Best Belo Horizonte Sightseeing Opportunities!

Belo Horizonte Guide Books
These Belo Horizonte Guidebooks Will Answer Your Questions and Concerns! Pick up these Belo Horizonte Guidebooks Before Traveling.

Belo Horizonte Culture Attractions
Add These Belo Horizonte Culture Attractions To Your Knowledge! These Belo Horizonte Culture Attractions are Vital Aspects of the City’s History!

Belo Horizonte History
Learn The Story of Belo Horizonte History and Development Before Your Trip! An Understanding of Belo Horizonte History Will Add To your Perspective

Belo Horizonte Museum
These Belo Horizonte Museums Will Awaken Your Curiosity and Widen Your Knowledge! Come and Visit These Belo Horizonte Museums

Belo Horizonte Central Market
Come By And Do Some Shopping at the Belo Horizonte Central Market! The Belo Horizonte Central Market is a Perennial Tourist Favorite!

Sao Francisco de Assis Church Belo Horizonte
Learn About the Historic and Beautiful Sao Francisco de Assis Church Belo Horizonte! Sao Francisco de Assis Church Belo Horizonte is a Cherished House of God

Belo Horizonte Weather
Plan Your Trip Packing Strategy Around Belo Horizonte Weather Patterns! Our Belo Horizonte Weather Tips Reveal When To Go and How to Dress!

Real Estate Belo Horizonte Brazil
Learn the Facts About Real Estate Belo Horizonte Brazil! Discover Some Key Principles and Decision Making Tactics on Real Estate Belo Horizonte Brazil.

Night Life Belo Horizonte
Discover Where the Best Night Life Belo Horizonte Can Be Found! Our Guide to Night Life Belo Horizonte Will Spice Up Any Vacation!

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