A Point by Point Guide to Belo Horizonte History.

The story of Belo Horizonte history is an interesting one indeed. By learning the events that led this bustling city to its current state, you will have a greater appreciation for the sights and sounds around you as you enter this unfamiliar place. We will begin at the beginning, with the first person to settle the area.
Belo Horizonte history begins in 1701, when the explorer João Leite da Silva Ortiz settled the area. However, the mighty metropolis we know Belo Horizonte as today began as just a small village, founded for no reason other than its hospital landscape and fertile farming soil. One of the first major events in Belo Horizonte was the establishment of the “Curral d’el Rey”, which is Portuguese for “King’s Corral.” The farm produced immense amounts of wealth, and this small success encouraged locals from neighboring cities to inhabit the area. The surrounding settlements, like Curral d’el Rey, were primarily farms.

History Belo Horizonte takes a twist when immigrants from the Sao Francisco river area began to pass through Curral d’el Ray to reach other parts of Southern Brazil. Over time, many of these travelers simply fell in love with Belo Horizonte and saw no reason to continue their journey south. Instead, they stayed and started families in the region, leading to a surge in population growth.

Over time, the growth and prosperty of Belo Horizonte became noticed by high-ranking figures in the state of Minas Gerais. And so it came to pass that the history of Belo Horizonte’s history intersected with Minas Gerais history, when Belo Horizonte was named capital of the state. The previous capital, Ouro Preto, was symbolic of the monarchy of the Brazilian empire, which Minas Gerais wanted to distance itself from. Thus, Belo Horizonte was a breath of fresh air and evidence of better things to come.

It wasn’t until 1906, however, that this area was named Belo Horizonte. Prior to that, it was referred to by the name of its original farm – Curral d’el Ray. However, after the mayor of Minas Gerais elected the city as a candidate for the state’s new economic development centers, it took the name Belo Horizonte – Portuguese for “beautiful horizons.”

All in all, Belo Horizonte history has been a fascinating tale of one city’s rise to prominence in Brazil. It is worth reading about in greater detail if you want to truly appreciate the city’s importance to Minas Gerais.

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