Feast Your Eyes on Real Belo Horizonte Pictures.

Nothing beats real Belo Horizonte pictures for a true-to-life view of the area. But it can be tedious and time-consuming to hunt around the Internet for the best pictures, so we took the work out of the equation! Here is our collection of the best authentic Belo Horizonte photos.

One of the better Belo Horizonte city photos is this one, with its breathtaking view of the skyscrapers and city green. This is the heart of industry in the city, the epicenter of the productive activity that makes Belo Horizonte go ‘round. If you are so fortunate as to visit this area you will be stunned at the constant flurry of activity going on around you!

SRC: http://forademoda.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/belo-horizonte-03.jpg

In a similar vein, this photo showcases Belo Horizonte city life at night. It is difficult not to feel the excitement of a vibrant city coming to life as the sun goes down!

SRC: http://www.vivabrazil.com/images/bh.jpg

Another great pictures Belo Horizonte is this collage of the most renowned and popular attractions the city has to offer. Here we see snapshots of Lagoa da Pamphula, Praca da Liberdade, and many more!

SRC: http://www.wirelessip.com.br/wirelessip/cobertura/belo_horizonte/imgs/belo_horizonte.jpg

Of course, no collection of Belo Horizonte pictures would be complete without a photo of this stately building, located directly in the center of the city. With imposing architecture like this, it is no wonder that Belo Horizonte is the capital of Minas Gerais!

SRC: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/original/1661765.jpg

Here is a picture taken from way above the city. It offers a view of Belo Horizonte from high above, almost an abstract perspective.

SRC: http://www.glosk.com/photos/BR/61/-888161/79243_b.jpg

This photo may be the most stunningly beautiful portrait of Belo Horizonte nightlife in existence. The fast-paced energy of the city is showcased against a vibrant red, bringing the city to life before one’s very eyes!

SRC: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/174/465687244_fd6073257e_o.jpg

Another one of the great Belo Horizonte pictures is the municipal building. This is where the city’s major public affairs are adjudicated and processed. Anyone interested in local foreign governments will love it!

SRC: http://www.estacoesferroviarias.com.br/efcb_mg_paraopeba/fotos/belohor061.jpg

This Belo Horizonte picture captures the meaning of vacation and relaxation: a nice, quiet, private pool free of all disturbances and distractions. You should be so lucky as to find yourself in one of these!

SRC: http://www.4321.co.il/property/photographs/P7190967.JPG

Finally, a sampling of Belo Horizonte beach pics displays the gorgeous water that awaits you in Belo Horizonte!

SRC: http://www.madeiraapartments.com/vbh/assets/images/0008vbh.jpg

Of course, there are many other Belo Horizonte pictures worth looking at, but we feel these are the most revealing and interesting. Enjoy!

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