Don't Miss Parque das Mangabeiras Belo Horizonte!

If you're looking to relax, Parque das Mangabeiras Belo Horizonte may be just what you have been looking for. It is one of the largest urban parks in Brazil, and tourists flock to it year after year for the fun and relaxation that it offers. In this article, you will learn more about what makes this park such a desirable place to be.

Parque das Mangabeiras Belo Horizonte covers just about 2.3 million square miles, making it easily one of the largest urban parks in all of Brazil. Most of this acreage is covered by natural forests, but fear not! These forests are littered with walks and man-made paths that lead to scenic overlooks and dining spots along the way. The most spectacular feat of those in charge of the park is how they have installed creature comforts without disturbing its natural character. There are several hubs strategically located throughout the paths. Here, thirsty tourists can buy a refreshing Budweiser or an ice-cold Coke. Or, they can simply relax for a few moments of shade from the beating sun.

Another exciting aspect of Parque das Mangabeiras Belo Horizonte is all the natural beauty you will see. From wild (yet harmless) animals, to vegetation and towering anthills, along with the scenic views, you will witness an aural assault on the senses that leaves you hungry for more. The sheer size of the park makes it so that you can come back day after day and not see it all before the end of your trip.

How will you get to the park, you ask? Easy! There are bus rides that take you straight to the entrance, as well as plentiful parking if you prefer to drive on your own. Once you arrive, a helpful visitors center exists where you can get details and schedules of the various walks and tours being given.

Once you are there, it is hard not to find something worthwhile. Theater buffs will enjoy the open air theater adjacent to the parking lot, where plays and performances are held every Sunday. This is also a favorite destination for visitors bringing their children along.

One thing you definitely will want to bring is a camera, as everywhere you turn represents a stunning photograph opportunity for your Facebook or blog. Sunscreen is also a wise thing to bring along. You will be exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time, so anything SPF-30 or above is probably a safe bet to keep you safe.

In conclusion, the Parque das Mangabeiras Belo Horizonte will make any Brazilian vacation more fun and memorable. Enjoy!

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